1984 Leyland Tiger A127ESG / VLT93 / MUI808





A127ESG / VLT93 / MUI808/A127ESG

Fleet number(s)

MPT127, ST9, 409, 431


Leyland Tiger


Leyland TL11 diesel


Duple Laser, rebodied in 2000 with East Lancs Myllennium Hyline

Previous owner(s)

Midland Scottish, Strathtay Scottish, Wootens

Current owner(s)

Andrew McCombie

Current livery

Strathtay Scottish

  • A127ESG / VLT93 / MUI808 with original Duple Laser body



Further information


In 1999 a deal was struck between Strathtay and East Lancashire Coach Builders to build a cheaper solution to a whole new bus by taking an existing useful chassis for refurbishment. The result was a Myllennium Tiger (or 6...).


The prototype was vehicle 430 which was allocated to Blairgowrie for most of its days soon loosing its HIL registration and gaining a Routemaster plate 670CLT.


On the sale of the Traction group to Stagecoach it was quite clear that the likes of the Tigers days were numbered. However, 430 was one of two of the type to get painted into the Stagecoach beachball livery whilst retaining the number 430.


The whole ambush of Myllenniums was sold off in 2008 to Wootens to operate their rather intense Tiger Line service.


At the moment, four of these six vehicles still survive. One was written off in an argument with a falling tree, one requires a heart transplant and three still kick around on school contracts at various points in the UK (Northumberland, Liverpool and East Anglia).




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