1984 MCW Metrobus B97PKS






Fleet number(s)

MRM97, SM8, 808


MCW Metrobus


Gardner 6LXB diesel


Alexander RL

Previous owner(s)

Midland Scottish, Strathtay Scottish

Current owner(s)

Jamie McEwan, Jed Scott, Sandy Webster

Current livery

Strathtay Scottish

  • 1984 MCW Metrobus B97PKS in original Strathtay livery



Further information


On formation in 1985 Strathtay Scottish inherited eight Metrobuses from Midland Scottish. SM1 to 5 (801 to 805) were from the ULS X batch, SM6 and 7 (806 and 807) from the BLS Y batch and 8 (808 or BOB) was a lonely sole from the B PKS batch. They were all initially allocated to Perth garage.


1987 brought the first of two batches built brand new for Strathtay. Despite being offshoots from batches from Midland they were delivered in full Strathtay spec. Unlike their earlier brothers these new deliveries were technically 'coaches' fitted with high back seats with removable headrests, high speed rear axles and an overdrive gearbox. 809 to 811 were the last vehicles to be delivered with the once standard triangular destination screen.


The final batch of the E plates were 812 to 816. They were of the same specification but with one very notable difference. The triangular screen had been replaced with a more modern large rectangular screen. Much to the disgust of the management at the time, and after a period of argument, the vehicles were accepted from Alexander and spent most of their life in Blairgowrie.


All the vehicles received a mid life refurbishment with the changing of the seats. The E reg batch were done first with dual-purpose seats fitted downstairs and upstairs fitted with seats from Leyland Nationals. A few years before withdrawal the seats on B97PKS were retrimmed in the then standard Strathtay moquette, the only Metrobus to receive this treatment.


Metrobus replacement started earlier than the Olympians with second-hand Volvo B10Bs and B10BLEs. The final Metrobus working was in May 2006 when 816 made its way onto a Monifieth working.


We have one single survivor - 808 which was withdrawn in June 2005 and it remains in as-withdrawn condition, though a complete set of seats with original Midland moquette has been sourced. But what does the future hold? A long one hopefully! 815 survived very briefly after service as a berry bus and, for some reason, was half painted in Tayside livery. The engine was ran dry and seized solid and so it was sadly scrapped.


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