1971 Leyland Leopard PRS128J






Fleet number(s)



Leyland Leopard


Leyland 0.600 diesel replaced with Leyland 0.680 diesel


Alexander Y-type

Previous owner(s)

W. Alexander & Sons (Northern)

Current owner(s)

John Carson

Current livery

W. Alexander & Sons (Northern)

  • 1971 Leyland Leopard PRS128J - W. Alexander & Sons (Northern)



Further information


New to W. Alexander and Sons (Northern) Ltd in 1972 with an Alexander Y-Type body seating 53 in bus seats. Built with a Leyland 0.600 engine and a 4 speed manual gearbox, which it shared in common with so many other vehicles built for Alexanders at this time. It is now fitted with a higher output 0.680 and has a high speed rear axle.


Remaining in the north area for much of its career, the vehicle was sold for preservation after the unfortunate destruction of an earlier preserved Midland Y-Type. Rallied in original livery for a few years it was later bought by Bailey Bus of Surrey and repainted into an approximation of the latter Northern bus livery. Mr Bailey used it as a driver trainer for many years, even fitting a towbar to do trailer training, until the legislation changed requiring training buses to have ABS systems fitted. After this it was parked up in a field and offered for sale a couple of times, before it was bought, readied for movement and brought back home to Scotland.


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