1972 Daimler Fleetline PYJ461L






Fleet number(s)



Daimler Fleetline


Gardner 6LXB Diesel


Alexander Ar AL7/4970/20

Previous owner(s)

Dundee Corporation, Tayside Regional Council, Mitchell (farmer), Car Boot Sale stall holder

Current owner(s)

Andrew Macintosh, Graeme Muir

Current livery

Mitchell (farmer)

  • Daimler Fleetline PYJ461L - new to Dundee Corporation



Further information


Dundee Corporation was an enthusiastic customer for the Daimler Fleetline, buying several batches of Alexander-bodied single-door buses during the 1960s. PYJ461L comes from the first of two batches which featured a long-wheelbase chassis and dual-door bodywork. The L-registered Fleetlines were used initially on St Mary’s routes 1, 1a and 1b with 161 entering service for the first time on 10 December 1972. Later in life 161 was given branding for the Tayway services that were launched by Tayside in conjunction with British Rail and the Scottish Bus Group and a few of these Fleetlines were used initially on Tayside’s share of the services.


Tayside had standardised on the Ailsa and was so dissatisfied with British Leyland products that it moved to clear them from the fleet as quickly as possible. This batch was withdrawn in March 1983 and 161 was sold to a farmer locally for use as a berry bus and remained there until 1991. It then passed to an owner at Errol Airfield where it was a familiar sight at car boot sales.


The bus was sold for scrap in January 2006 but in the nick of time a deal was struck with the scrapyard owner to save the bus. The bus is complete and a runner, though the bodywork is untidy and contains several scrapes sustained on its journey to the scrapyard. So far much of the floor has been stripped away and replaced, ceiling panels refitted and replaced if necessary, the chassis cleaned and painted and the engine repaired. The owner of the bus whilst at Errol removed all the seats so another set was acquired from another Dundee bus and they have been cleaned, primed and some already painted green. Otherwise the bus is in as withdrawn condition and retains its centre door. It is fitted with the curved windscreens that were installed at the renewal of its Certificate of Fitness; when delivered they had flat windscreens.


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